on the Parkway

I encountered too many people for my comfort and too few chipmunks.  Trilliums are out in full force.  The newly paved road underscores the ‘s’ in serpentine, so I had a better time driving than hiking.  Situational social anxiety.  Nature was not made for people, and as I passed person after person on the trail, my smile was only obligatory at best.


2 thoughts on “on the Parkway

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    Man trilliums are the best. The only problem is, in Ontario you’re not really allowed to pick them, because, between that and the deer munching on them, they don’t bounce back very easily. There’s a park the next town over with a nice hiking trail with HUGE stretches of white trilliums under the trees- lots of great opportunities for photos. It’s also off the beaten path, so almost no one goes there (bonus). I think we saw four hikers and bikers total in a three hour walk last time.

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