Lynette Jenson character sketch for WAYWORD, a short play

Lynette Jenson has never been an avid SCRABBLE player.  She enjoys watching old James Cagney movies and volunteering at the local animal shelter.  A year ago, she saw a fire in Acton.  Lynette realized this fire had the potential to be destructive or beautiful, according to how it was nurtured.  So, she treated Acton like a wounded puppy, fully supporting his talent for memorizing words and arrangements of letters; she stroked his shriveled ego until it became voracious and dangerously passive aggressive.  She wonders if she forgot to encourage the rest of him, and lately, Lynette fears the fire has consumed him.  She understands she might one day look up and see the blackened, charred remains of a man, who eagerly traded a soul for double-word and triple-letter scores.


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