hashing out the doldrums

Between school, work and an upcoming art show, I don’t have half the time I need to write. I’ll try a bit harder but I’m not promising much. The art show will be November 5 in Greenville, SC. The show will be the conjoined works of me (mostly paintings) and my mother’s husband, Mark (mostly sculpture). Our art consists of oddities held to the light, so we complement one another nicely. Deja Fuze will regale show-goers with their funky sound, and the alcohol/food will be profuse and free to all. I want to extend a huge “thank you” to my family for making this possible and exceptional. An experience to remember. I’m working on a poem about Sappho. After much tweaking/soul searching, I may post it here, but don’t hold your breath. Oh, and I’ve finally perfected Tom Yum soup with a colon-cleansing Thai spiciness that will make you swear heaven and hell do exist enmeshed at the bottom of the pot. Thank the god¬†Thailand.


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